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My friend Robin Murray, the Retirement Yenta, is my inspiration for this blog.  She has published more than two hundred blogs since she started in 2008 and she isn’t even retired, yet!  If there is a Retirement Yenta, then there must be a Retirement Mensch.

The Retirement Yenta writes about non-financial stuff that pre-retirees need to think about.  Things like health, or relocating from New York winters. She offers some good advice but mostly she writes a cool blog.  Or is it awesome?

The Mensch retired officially on March 31, 2011. In this blog I’ll be commenting on the day to day stuff of actually being retired.  Some days there may be no blog because I’ll be busy with my tomatoes and garden.  Some days there may be more words than you care to read about some dopey thing that annoyed me or made me feel great to be retired.

There was a nice party when I left Guardian. It was arranged by my friend Jeff Mines. The party wasn’t a surprise but the gift my fellow employees gave me was.  Thanks, Jeff and Guardian friends!

I had a cubicle sale to finish off my last day at work.  What’s a cubicle sale? Like a garage sale, only smaller.  Books, coffee mugs, plants and anything that was my personal property that Mrs. Mensch didn’t want me to bring home.
It is really true that one person’s junk is someone’s treasure.  Francine and Helen bought the plants. Other big sellers were the coffee mugs and tchotchkes.  All the proceeds went to Operation Rice Bowl of Catholic Relief Services. Check out the mite box in the pictures of the cubicle sale.

The most expensive item was my M&M dispenser.  It is one of those bank candy machines that requires a coin to drop a handful of M&Ms into the tray.  Bryan Davis the ultimate Phillies fan bought it since it had the Phillies logo and Phillies M&Ms.

Someone offered fifty cents for my mouse pad and then haggled about the price since it had a stain on it.  I stood my ground.  He paid fifty cents for a mouse pad all Guardian employees received free last year on the 150th anniversary of the company.

Enough about my last day.  More when I’m back from vacation.  Look for Professional Wednesday in two weeks.


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